Travel remains the hardest-hit industry. Despite significant gains in domestic leisure travel, business travel and international inbound travel remain severely depressed, resulting in an uneven recovery across travel sectors, not to mention significant losses that remain within travel employment.

U.S. Travel's Answer Sheet is the industry's go-to resource for official data on travel spending, employment and economic impact. The data reflects recovery progress through 2021, with comparisons to 2019 and 2020, across all sectors – including total travel and breakdowns by international travel, business and leisure.

Answer Sheet Graph

The Answer Sheet has three components that provide valuable insight into where travel stands by the end of 2021, compared to pre-pandemic highs in 2019 and recovery through 2020. Pages two and three offer a deeper dive into data specific to the recovery of business travel (transient and group) and international inbound travel (including breakdowns by overseas and Canada/Mexico), in addition to the impact on the U.S. trade balance.

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