U.S. Travel’s new Sustainable Travel Coalition will focus on developing and advancing the strategies that will enable a more sustainable future, bridging the travel, transportation and technology sectors to foster alignment and cooperation that generates meaningful progress on this issue.

With more than 60 members, the Sustainable Travel Coalition will serve as a forum to inform U.S. Travel of the pulse of sustainability issues and concerns at their organizations and in their destinations, share current obstacles or those on the horizon.

Coalition members will also serve as thought leaders and a go-to network to activate and engage around key moments of amplification and action.

Coalition participation eligibility:

  • Included in membership: Chairman's Circle, Board Circle and Association Board Circle levels
  • Eligible for a fee: Sustaining and Pillar levels, plus select friends of travel

Both U.S. Travel members and Friends of Travel are eligible to participate on the coalition. To enable regular progress and collaboration, a concentrated Policy Committee will help to drive the program of work for the broader coalition. This committee will be comprised of a select group of coalition members. The coalition will be tasked with providing other input helpful to guide the Policy Committee’s work.

The Sustainable Travel Coalition will meet virtually three times per year to receive updates from the committee on policy development and progress. The Policy Committee will meet virtually bi-monthly and in-person once per year, with this year's meeting coinciding with the Future of Travel Mobility Conference in Washington, D.C. September 20, 2022.

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